Partners & Memberships

Verband Schweizer Berufsnumismatiker (VSBN)
Leu Numismatik AG is a proud member of the Swiss Association of Professional Numismatists. We fully concur with the ethics of the VSBN - seriosity, integrity and reliability.
Numismatischer Verein Zürich (NVZ)
The Numismatic Association of Zurich was founded in 1973. It has been organizing the International Coin Fair in Zurich-Oerlikon and, since 2017, the Coin Fair in Basel.
Schweizerische Numismatische Gesellschaft (SNG)
The Swiss Numismatic Society is the editor of the well-known numismatic journals ‘Schweizerische Numismatische Rundschau’ and ‘Schweizer Münzblätter’. The journals include a wide range of scientific articles on ancient, medieval and modern numismatics.