Lot 3565
FRANCE, Royal. Louis XIV le Roi Soleil (the Sun King), 1643–1715. 1/2 Écu à la mèche longue (Silver, 31 mm, 13.49 g, 6 h), Troyes, 1651. LVD•XIIII•D•G• - •FR•ET•NAV•REX Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Louis XIV to right. Rev. SIT•NOMEN•DOMINI•-•BENEDICTVM•1651 Crowned coat of arms; below, S. Duplessy 1470. Gadoury 169. Nicely toned. Very fine.

From the collection of a Swiss scholar, formed over the past thirty years.
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50 CHF
Hammer price:
90 CHF
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Closing time: 18-Jul-22, 19:59:00 CEST
All winning bids are subject to an 18.5% buyer's fee.


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